How does BIG use the “additional monitoring” data from partnerships?

At recent ASTF workshops, you asked for feedback from BIG on the additional monitoring information you supply as part of your ASTF reports. We asked Dave Hutchinson to tell us a bit about how they use this information. Learning from our investments is an important part of BIG’s work. Each year we invest over £500m […]

Health and Advice: Letter from Low Commission to local health leads

Following the publication of the research report on Health and Advice (‘The Role of Advice Services in Health Outcomes’ June 2015), the ASA has been working closely with the Low Commission to ensure that the positive message gets out to local health commissioners. To that end, we are about to embark on an extensive mail […]

Spotlight on Advice Forward, Hull’s ASTF partnership

Post – event update: Fantastic day – inspiring speakers, positive atmosphere and a good opportunity to reflect, share and look forward. A recurrent theme of the day was how much stronger our services are, how much more we can do for clients when working in partnership with others. You can see an overview of the day […]

The kindness of strangers?

A recent report by the Joseph Rowntree Trust has given the ASTF Learning and Support team some food for thought. The research looked at how people are embedded in communities according to the amount of random and low level support they get from all the people around them. In other words, how people are affected by the kindness of […]

Pro bono round-up

Hello! We have had a number of enquires about what pro bono organisations are available to support partnerships. So we thought it would be useful to just briefly round up what resources are available and how you can get in touch with them. Be warned that most operate from London so tend to be limited […]

The Big Advice Survey: latest

Patrick from Wandsworth ASTF partnership has provided us with the following update: Almost one-in-three ASTF projects nationally are currently supporting what we’re trying to do with the Big Advice Survey – asking the general public about the types of problems they face, what they do about them and where advice fits in Right from the […]

Strategy for hard times

Guest blog by Alan Lawrie Alan Lawrie ( is an independent consultant specialising in strategy and organistaional development The world in which advice agencies operate is tough and is likely to remain so.  Increased demand, declining resources and more competition are just some of the issues on the agenda. I am concerned that trustees and […]

Plymouth Advice and iLegal in the news

Great story in the Guardian highlighting the challenges facing our clients and the advice workers trying to help them with ever decreasing resources and ever increasing challenges  – also a handy reminder about the iLegal forum Patrick, who manages the iLegal forum, has also created a daily news page of stories relevant to the advice […]

Behind the scenes … with Funding Officer Alex

Hello ASTF Grantholders, my name is Alexander Todd aka ‘Alex’ a Funding Officer on the Advice Services Transition Fund team. I have been asked to write a blog to give you a bit of perspective on what exactly goes on at our end.  It’s a bit like a sneak peek or behind the scenes on […]

Have your say!

Hi everyone,  it’s Helen here. I want to tell you about some consultations running at the moment which you might be interested in responding to. Big Lottery Fund Take part in a UK wide conversation on key area’s of the Big Lottery’s work – open from now until July.  Department of Health – Care Act 2014 The […]