Health and Advice: Letter from Low Commission to local health leads

Following the publication of the research report on Health and Advice (‘The Role of Advice Services in Health Outcomes’ June 2015), the ASA has been working closely with the Low Commission to ensure that the positive message gets out to local health commissioners.

To that end, we are about to embark on an extensive mail out, sending a copy of the executive summary to every CCG clinical lead, every Director of Public Health, all Chairs of Health and Wellbeing Board and Directors of Adult Social Services. The letters have come from Lord Low of Dalston, the Chair of the Low Commission as our experience has told us that people tend to pay attention when they get a letter from a Lord!

We have attempted to link each letter with the nearest Advice Services Transition Fund Partnership, although we acknowledge that we might not always have got this right- because of course, none of the boundaries match up, we have had to make our best guess in some circumstances. So we apologise in advance if our mapping exercise might have gone astray on occasions and do let us know if you find out examples of things going wrong. The letters will be sent out between Friday 28th August and Friday 4th September 2015.

You can see an example letter here: Low Commission letter

What you can do: if you are thinking about working with health, it might be an idea to contact the relevant people in your area at the beginning of September to find out if they have received the letter and to talk to them about what your service can offer. If you are not sure who these people might be in your area, we can let you know- so please email us. We have also commissioned a tool kit that will help you to look at your work through the eyes of health commissioners so that you can talk a language that they understand. This should be ready in a few weeks. We really recommend following up with your local people- it will be the personal contact that will make the difference between a commissioner being interested and actually looking at what you can do for them.

Please do keep us informed of any contacts you may get as a result of the mail out- even one health commissioner showing an increased interest in our work would be a result, so please do let us know.


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