Examples of your work

One of the pieces of feedback from events this year was that people want to see examples of other partnerships work, so we asked you to send in pieces for sharing and have categorized and published them here.

If you would like to share examples of your work please email them in and we will upload them to this section of the website.

Event materials, presentations and reports

Fliers, leaflets and posters

Media coverage


Research, social policy and campaign reports


Action learning set – participant feedback

9 ASTF project managers have taken part in an action learning set for the last 18 months. They produced a report for the annual Citizens Advice conference which you can read by clicking on the page link above.

Events supported by bursaries

Some of the partnerships have received bursaries to hold events. As part of receiving a bursary, we asked partnerships to share details of the events and any materials and have published them here.