Event materials, presentations and reports

Bristol ASTF partnership have shared presentations from their Welfare Reform Conference on 2 December 2015.

Harry Tedstone, the ASTF project lead shared the following:

“The  conference was made up of council staff , advice and support workers and housing associations. From the feedback it  was very clear that by providing a clear “ bigger picture”  rather than being drip fed small pieces of information  relevant to our own respective work had a real impact and has, as a result, lead to a total  transformation in the desire for agencies/ sectors to work much more closely together in the interest of the citizen. This  was brought home to us  at today’s Joint Planning Board, at which the local authority, DWP, Advice and Support sector agreed unanimously on the next steps we are to take in co-designing  a more holistic service to those we were set up to support.”

Joseph Rownree Foundation Summary of Report on Poverty 23.11.15

Tom MacInnes Bristol Presentation Poverty and Social Security


Norfolk Joint ASTF event

Combined presentations and Event booklet

More information about the partnership and the event is available on the NCAN website

You can also read about their referral system work here

Materials from past events run by the ASTF learning and support team