Research, social policy and campaign reports

Advice York have shared the following:

Advice York – welfare benefits impact form

Advice York -Adviser guide to Council Tax

Advice York Social Policy Plan – 1 Mar 2014

FINAL – Advice York Outcome Survey

Pushed in to Poverty – the real cost of council tax support – Exec summary October 2014

Dawn Advice – research and report on benefit sanctions

Dawn Advice – Benefit sanctions and how to avoid them

Dawn Advice – JSA sanctions – discussion paper

Community Advice Network (Bradford District) have shared the following:

Welfare Reforms update from Community Advice Network Bradford District 3 9 14

Advice support and poverty evidence review final July 2014

Benefits of welfare rights advice lit review Manchester Business School

Norwich Advice Partnership have shared their report on agency signposting

Norwich Advice Pship Abridged signposting report 31.10.2014

Portsmouth Advice Services Partnership are acknowledged in the following report and their partnership has used Social Policy as a way of bringing partners together and getting a more holistic view of the client experience

Oakley Review and DWP response

Portsmouth also did research into ‘Revolving Door Clients’ and have shared their report with us: Revolving Door Client Follow Up Research Findings July 2015

The PASP contribution is acknowledged at the end of the report and I’ve attached a copy of our response as an example of good partnership practice.