Learning from the Advice Plus experience

Advice Plus aimed to help people in need to access good quality advice on their legal rights and responsibilities, so they can avoid or overcome disadvantage.

In round one,  BLF awarded £30 million to 71 advice agencies across England. Round Two had a budget of £20 million across the nine England regions. It funded third sector legal advice services that collaborated with other advice services in their local area. Advice Plus only funded projects focusing on legal rights and responsibilities.

Funded projects had to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Provide people in greatest need with better access to legal advice services, to help them avoid or overcome disadvantage and improve their lives.
  • Provide people in greatest need with timely, accurate and effective legal advice that is quality assured and joined up with other services, equipping them to deal with their problems and improve their lives.
  • Help people in greatest need to avoid disadvantage by making them aware of the most commonly encountered legal problems.

A report, sharing the learning from the Advice Plus experience is available here: Delivering Advice Together – Learning from the Advice Plus experience

In addition to this, Jude Deakin from Birmingham CAB developed a table for partners to use to help think about some of the lessons learned during Advice Plus and following a discussion at a workshop in January. The table is available below.

ASTF projects assessment tool