Advice and information strategy toolkit

Think Personal Act Local have developed a toolkit for advice and information strategies in relation to the Care Act 2014

Advice and information strategy toolkit

From their website:

Think Personal Act Local are a national partnership of more than 50 organisations committed to transforming health and care through personalisation and community-based support.

The partnership spans

  • central and local government,
  • the NHS,
  • the provider sector,
  • people with care and support needs, carers and family members with whom we engage via the National Co-production Advisory Group.

The work of the partnership is coordinated by a small core team with programme leads responsible for pooling resources from different partnership members. This arrangement puts us in the unique position of bringing together people who use services and carers with national organisations.

The TLAP partnership is open to any national organisation not represented through one of the umbrella associations already involved, that is willing and able to make a specific commitment of support.