Spotlight on Advice Forward, Hull’s ASTF partnership

Post – event update:

Fantastic day – inspiring speakers, positive atmosphere and a good opportunity to reflect, share and look forward. A recurrent theme of the day was how much stronger our services are, how much more we can do for clients when working in partnership with others. You can see an overview of the day here and check out the newly launched website and see the broadcast from the day here

This week the learning and support team are out and about attending an Austerity and Advice event put on by the Hull ASTF partnership, Advice Forward.

The event is a conference on the impact of advice on poverty. Building on recent reports from the Low Commission, Joseph Rowntree, and Citizens Advice, the conference aims to look at how advice can positively impact on wellbeing, both in immediate terms for clients suffering stress, anxiety and depression, but also the longer term impacts of preventing homelessness etc. We are also looking at the Anti-poverty agenda, and how Advice can be used to tackle poverty, exclusion and deprivation in a number of ways. Necessarily the conference is in the context of funding cuts and austerity, but we are hoping to provide a challenging and positive event looking at how the advice sector can move forward and maximize the impact we have, using the resources we’ve got. 

We have Lord Low of Dalston CBE, representatives from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the Directory of Social Change, and the chair of the local Clinical Commissioning Group.  We also have academics working in social justice, the author/activist Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta etc), and are keeping strong focus on local issues and Hull to balance the national issues agenda and profile of the event. 

This event will shine a light on how national policies and funding are affecting the most vulnerable people in Hull & the East Riding. Amber Peachey-Moore, the project lead for Advice Forward said: “We’re really proud to be hosting an event of national importance in our sector, and want to promote Hull, the work going on locally in advice and support, and push for recognition of the momentum of change in Hull.” 

There are profiles on all the speakers, and more about the conference on the events page of

The Advice Forward website has just been launched to promote free and not-for-profit advice services across Hull & the East Riding; it is client focused and can help local residents search for information and self-help, put them in touch with their local advice agencies, and help advice agencies keep in touch and refer to one another.  

The Conference is now full regarding physical attendance, but will be live broadcasting online at on the events page.

Viewers will be able to join in with Q&A sessions and tweet in to the event as it happens.  

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